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NYCHA Statement on Testimony to the New York City Council Public Housing Committee

Evaluation of the Victim of Domestic Violence Need-Based Preference Category and Support and Services for Victims of Domestic Violence in NYCHA Developments

Under the leadership of Mayor de Blasio, the New York City Housing Authority is collaborating with multiple agencies in heightening its ongoing efforts to assist victims of domestic violence. Building on a track record of successfully coordinating critical services and providing case-by case assistance, NYCHA is committed to reducing the incidence of violence, helping the City’s most vulnerable and streamlining access to affordable housing.

In testimony today before the New York City Council Public Housing Committee, NYCHA officials described increased education and targeted staff training programs and also outlined what will be an expanded list of 80 eligible crimes, up from 21 previously, that can be used as “single incident” documentation for housing transfers or admissions. In testimony, NYCHA also described its collaborative and multi-faceted approach assisting victims of domestic violence at NYCHA developments:

“NYCHA is further revising its policies to continue to provide real world solutions to the problem of domestic violence. One such policy change underway is an expansion of the specific types of crimes that qualify as a domestic violence offense, with the list growing to about 80 from 21,” explained Brian Clarke, NYCHA VP of Operations who testified before the Council.

The Authority is also working with law enforcement on greater reporting and transparency around domestic violence crimes and is seeking greater input from advocates regarding victims’ needs and ways to assist. In addition, NYCHA is working closely with the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence, the Human Resources Administration, the NYPD and others to create a collaborative and effective response to the growing problem of domestic violence crimes.

In addition, the Authority is expanding the types of medical documentation that will assist domestic violence victims in receiving priority for admissions and transfers. Working with the Health and Hospitals Corporation and the Greater New York Hospital Association, NYCHA is enabling domestic violence victims to use Emergency Department visits, not just hospital admissions, as part of needed documentation.

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