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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 12, 2017


CM Reynoso worked with the Resident Association and NYCHA to fund a full renovation of the Hylan Houses Park

Image of General Manager Michael Kelly and Council Member Antonio Reynoso posing in a group photo with residents of Hylan HousesHylan Houses residents and staff join Council Member Reynoso (5-L), NYCHA General Manager Michael Kelly (4-R) and NYPD Housing PSA #3 at the site of an upgraded playground.

NEW YORK —Today, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) toured the site of a much needed new playground at Hylan Houses with Council Member Antonio Reynoso and members of NYPD Housing’s PSA #3. The Council Member provided $350,000 to renovate the site, which should be completed by early Spring 2018.

Statement by NYCHA General Manager Michael Kelly: “NYCHA residents deserve homes they can be proud of. Council Member Reynoso’s support on this playground and many other projects throughout his district has been critical in improving resident quality of life. Through our continued partnership with local elected officials, we are one step closer to making our NextGeneration NYCHA goal to provide safe, clean and connected communities a reality.”

Statement by Council Member Antonio Reynoso on the new playground: “For years the playground at Hylan Houses was dim, unusable, and uninviting. It was important for me to advocate on behalf of the residents of Hylan Houses during my first budget negotiation as a Council Member – and today marks the fruition of those efforts. The upgrades to the single playground at Hylan Houses will be bright, innovative and welcoming. I look forward to my continued partnership with the Tenant’s Association and residents of the development to improve their quality of life.”

Pictures and video footage available here. Password is Hylan.

General Manager Michael Kelly and Council Member Antonio Reynoso explore the site of the new playground with a female NYCHA resident.
Hylan Houses resident discusses the playground project with Council Member Reynoso and NYCHA General Manager Michael Kelly.


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