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Rasmia Kirmani-Frye, founding president of the Fund for Public Housing, was honored at the Fall Swim Gala for the New York City-based non-profit + POOL.

The Fund for Public Housing and + POOL have partnered to support young children learning how to swim.

Residents and partners cheering at the newly built playground in QueensThe Fund for Public Housing President Rasmia Kirmani-Frye with + POOL Board President Marc Kushner.

NEW YORK– The Fund for Public Housing’s President, Rasmia Kirmani-Frye, was honored this week at + POOL’s Fall Swim Gala. + POOL named Kirmani-Frye a distinguished honoree for her tireless efforts to support the City’s low-income residents, especially the residents of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Kirmani-Frye is a partner for + POOL’s Summer Bluefish program that provides free swimming to public housing residents.

“The Fund for Public Housing invests in the well-being of NYCHA residents and communities by collaborating with public and private partners to reimagine and improve the way public housing works,” said the Fund for Public Housing President Rasmia Kirmani-Frye. “This honor is truly about the shared goals and values across NYCHA, the Fund and our partners like + POOL, and I am humbled to work alongside the many people who want to make this City better for all of its residents.”

“Having worked with Rasmia on the development of our Summer Bluefish Program, which offers kids in public housing free swim lessons; and learning about her efforts to invest in residents of public housing; we felt it was important to celebrate her work and highlight someone who, like the team behind + POOL, is making people think a little differently about our city,” said Deputy Director of + POOL Kara Meyer.

The Fund for Public Housing is dedicated to supporting the City’s public housing residents through innovative partnerships with leading companies and organizations. The partnership between the Fund and + POOL recognizes the 150,000 young people who live in NYCHA. These young people deserve to know how to swim for both the enjoyment of time in the water and as a life-saving skill.

In 2016, + POOL started offering kids in public housing free swim lessons through its Summer Bluefish Program. In partnership with the Fund for Public Housing, the program has grown, now supporting 60 public housing children. Next year, the program is expected to double again. The goal is to help all New Yorkers learn to swim. + POOL, through its partnership with the Fund, is also promoting broader water safety education initiatives.

The + POOL Fall Swim Gala, held at The Bridge at Cornell Tech, was hosted by Forest City Realty Trust. Kirmani-Frye was introduced by Fund for Public Housing Advisory Council member and Forest City Vice President for External Affairs Ashley Cotton. + POOL Board President Marc Kushner presented Kirmani-Frye with her award.

The gala also raised support for + POOL’s continued development and celebrated its recent milestones in 2017, including filing a provisional patent for its filtration system that will help create a new standard for swimmable water that does not use harsh chemicals typically used in pools (chlorine). 


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