The new portal is designed to make the online Annual Recertification process more user-friendly and easier to complete, including simpler language, navigation and step-by-step instructions

NEW YORK – The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) today launched its newly redesigned online portal for Annual Recertification, as part of the Authority’s Transformation Plan.

“This newly launched portal was designed based on feedback from NYCHA residents themselves to make the Annual Recertification process easier to complete, more accessible and more effective than ever before,” said NYCHA Chair and CEO Greg Russ. “We’re grateful to all of our NYCHA staff who made this happen, including our Public Housing, Leased Housing and IT departments.”

“Changes like this under the Transformation Plan are significant to NYCHA’s trajectory moving forward, and show how the Authority is putting residents first,” said NYCHA Executive Vice President for Strategy & Innovation Eva Trimble. “We are proud of the work we are doing to make things simpler and more accessible for residents.”

The new portal was first piloted in February by a small group of NYCHA residents and Section 8 voucher holders in order to get resident feedback on the new design before making it accessible to all NYCHA residents and voucher holders.

NYCHA worked with residents, advocates and staff to make the online Annual Recertification process more user-friendly and easier to complete, with simpler language, simpler navigation and step-by-step instructions. This improved process and portal is designed to better serve NYCHA families and community.

The Annual Recertification is mandatory for all NYCHA residents and voucher holders. Residents must submit income, assets, expenses and family composition information to NYCHA on an annual basis. At any point, residents and voucher holders can also request an Interim Recertification if there is a change in family composition, income, assets or expenses.

NYCHA’s Transformation Plan is a clear vision for significant yet sustainable change to the Authority’s governance and leadership structure, property management systems and central support functions. The Transformation Plan was conceived as part of the 2019 HUD Agreement and includes a set of strategies that will set the agency on a path to a stronger future and improve the resident experience.

Residents and voucher holders can access the new portal here:



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