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Joint letter calls on the federal government to fully fund NYCHA and summarizes shared principles for prioritizing and completing quality comprehensive renovations of public housing.

The Memorandum of Agreement between NYCHA and CCOP’s leadership builds on the requirements in federal regulation 24 CFR Part 964 and formalizes the relationship between NYCHA and CCOP’s leadership to establish a framework for how NYCHA and CCOP will work together to improve the operations and management of NYCHA. 

NEW YORK – Today, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the Citywide Council of Presidents (CCOP) are calling on Congress to fully fund public housing infrastructure, modernization, and capital projects in the Reconciliation process. As a first order of business, NYCHA and CCOP partnered to establish a process for determining and prioritizing capital improvements and summarized these in a joint letter, which also calls on the federal government to fully fund NYCHA against the backdrop of a staggering $40 billion capital need and conversations around the Blueprint. In addition, CCOP and NYCHA finalized a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) officially recognizing CCOP’s role in advising across all areas of NYCHA’s policymaking and operations. The agreement — the first of its kind since 1993 — formalizes the relationship between resident leadership and the Authority and lays the foundation for ongoing collaboration between NYCHA and this key body of residents that represents all the residents of the public housing community. 

In their joint letter, NYCHA and the CCOP are urging Congress to fulfill its promise to public housing in New York City by fully funding NYCHA’s capital needs. The letter outlines the establishment of a transparent set of criteria for determining and prioritizing the order in which the application of funding to NYCHA infrastructure and property renovations can proceed. Using these criteria, NYCHA and CCOP developed a Site Restoration List to outline how NYCHA will sequence property renovations in the event NYCHA receives the full allocation or, if only a portion of the full $40 billion allocation is received, how NYCHA will begin to invest in comprehensive renovations.

In addition, the MOA —  signed by NYCHA Chair & CEO Greg Russ and CCOP Chair Daniel Barber — establishes a framework for how NYCHA and CCOP will work together to improve the operations and management of NYCHA, increase resident participation, and better address the issues that are most important to residents. It also outlines how NYCHA and CCOP will share information and sets standards for communication between NYCHA and resident leadership at every level of the Authority.

“Today, we celebrate this agreement, which formally affirms our commitment to working with residents on NYCHA’s comprehensive transformation,” said NYCHA Chair & CEO Greg Russ. “We thank the CCOP for its partnership, as we unite over the common goal of improving public housing for the New Yorkers who live there. We want our residents to know that their voices matter — and our relationship with resident leaders is absolutely critical to our success.”

“The work that CCOP AND NYCHA have been doing has been long and hard but has turned out a very productive process,” said CCOP Chair Daniel Barber. “These are great steps forward to a working relationship and Partnerships between the Residents and NYCHA. We will continue to work for the best for the Residents of Public Housing.”

“Resilience, commitment, and dedication,” said CCOP Treasurer Lilithe Lozano, “make things happen.”

“The Citywide Council of Presidents is partnering with NYCHA to launch a ‘Campaign for Fiscal Equity For Public Housing’ demanding full line Item funding for Capital and Infrastructure investment to modernize and restore our NYCHA developments,” said CCOP Member Reginald Bowman.  “Our demand also includes a practical spending plan for the funding for Public Housing, which is an essential economic and social infrastructure of the fabric of New York City, that has been abandoned and under-funded for decades. Indeed, the US Congress and US Senate must pass those bills that contain the funding to modernize and restore the physical infrastructure of the buildings of NYCHA, now.” 

The joint letter outlines the following:

  • That, for the first time in more than 40 years, there is an opportunity to restore all NYCHA developments;
  • NYCHA and CCOP are calling on Congress to fully fund infrastructure modernization and repairs in New York City’s public housing;
  • The development process of criteria for creating an initial Site Restoration List;
  • The establishment of a process for proposing updates to the Site Restoration List; and
  • The establishment of an initial sample timeline and initial principles for Comprehensive Modernization Projects.

The MOA serves as formal recognition of the following:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws, rules and HUD guidance;
  • Regular and mutually-agreed upon meeting schedules;
  • A process for review and obtaining input from CCOP and the Local Resident Councils (LRCs);
  • Incorporation of established operating principles across Resident Councils;
  • A process for sharing and tracking resident satisfaction, self-certification and training opportunities; and
  • A process for resident management corporations.


About the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the largest public housing authority in North America, was created in 1935 to provide decent, affordable housing for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. NYCHA is home to roughly 1 in 15 New Yorkers across over 177,000 apartments within 335 housing developments. NYCHA serves over 350,000 residents through the conventional public housing program (Section 9), over 20,000 residents at developments that have been converted to PACT/RAD, and over 75,000 families through federal rent subsidies (the Section 8 Leased Housing Program). In addition, NYCHA connects residents to opportunities in financial empowerment, business development, career advancement, and educational programs. With a housing stock that spans all five boroughs, NYCHA is a city a within a city.

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About the Citywide Council of Presidents (CCOP) 

The Citywide Council of Presidents (CCOP) is the resident association government of the duly-elected associations of the public housing developments of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). CCOP represents the 359,593 authorized residents in over 168,100 apartments within 285 housing developments in New York City. The CCOP serves as the official recognized voice of residents to NYCHA, government, and the city and community at-large.