Sandy Engagement

NYCHA is revitalizing communities by rebuilding developments into safer and more resilient facilities and neighborhoods.

NYCHA has also created a special outreach team dedicated to the Sandy damaged developments with the prime objective of maintaining effective and productive channels of communication between NYCHA's Recovery and Resilience Department and NYCHA residents, community leaders, local elected offices and community groups. The team works hand in hand with each of its stakeholders to provide construction updates, coordinate responses to issues, and connect residents to career opportunities.

Each NYCHA initiative seeks to provide a better future for its residents. NYCHA's Recovery and Resilience Department supports OneNYC’s philosophy that NYC works best when New Yorkers are involved with their city and have a say in their government, and when the government listens to make better and more effective decisions.

Engagement by the Numbers

Calls Made
Meetings Attended
Flyers Distributed
6,360 180,625

Last Updated: October 2020.

Additional Resources

Learn more about our progress. Watch our Sandy Recovery playlist.

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NYCHA Disaster Recovery Team

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