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Transparency Review

NYCHA is committed to transparency and accountability. Data about our performance, contracts and spending helps the public better understand our work and commitment to changing the way NYCHA does business. Review our progress through a variety of disclosures, metrics and reports.


On December 12, 2018, Mayor de Blasio and NYCHA leadership announced a comprehensive plan to renovate NYCHA apartments and preserve public housing

NYCHA Fact Sheet and Resident Data Summary

NYCHA Metrics

NYCHA is committed to a new level of transparency, public participation, and collaboration with our stakeholders. You can use our data to take a look at the Authority's performance. This information will be updated monthly.

NYCHA’s Monitoring Agreement

In January 2019, NYCHA entered into an Agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development focused on implementing significant health and safety-related enhancements at the Authority that will address lead-based paint and mold, improve the response time for heat and elevator outages, and reduce the pest population. NYCHA is working with a Monitor appointed under the Agreement as it makes these improvements. As part of the Agreement, the City will invest a minimum of an additional $2.2 billion in the Authority.

NYCHA Monitor

NYCHA Monitor Approved Action Plans

NYCHA Section 3 Hiring

Demographics Report of Housing Choice Voucher Program

This demographics report summarizes general information about households who receive Section 8 assistance through the New York City Housing Authority. The report provides aggregate demographic and income information that allows for an analysis of our households.

Awarded Contracts

View all recently awarded contracts, proposals and bid results, updated regularly.

Contract Disclosure

Accountability in NYCHA’s capital program starts with transparency about the contracts and vendors hired to perform major infrastructure improvements and other work on our buildings. This information on open contracts from the last 5 years is updated regularly.

Elevator, Gas, Heat, and Hot Water Outages

As part of NYCHA's commitment to increasing transparency and improving communications with our residents, the agency provides daily updates online regarding elevator, gas, heat or hot water issues at developments. This is an important way of providing real-time, critical information to our stakeholders in a simple, easy to use format.

Indoor Temperature Sensor Readings at NYCHA Developments

NYCHA Elevator and Heating Capital Schedules

NYCHA’s Capital Projects Department is undertaking aggressive boiler and elevator replacement work. Below are the current pipelines for replacement by development, and those sites which do not have allocated funding at this time. All timelines are subject to change depending on available funding and needs.

Physical Needs Assessment (PNA)

NYCHA’s Physical Needs Assessment is an accounting of the short-term and long-term capital needs, including apartment, architectural, electrical, mechanical, and site needs for each development. These estimates help inform the capital planning for infrastructure improvements, modernization, and other systematic upgrades. The PNA of NYCHA’s 328 developments is performed every five years.

Open Data Portal

NYCHA maintains data sets available for the public to view and download on the City’s Open Data portal.

Safety and Security Task Force Report

Lead-Based Paint Compliance

Bi-annual Compliance Reports

Required by the January 31, 2019 Agreement, Bi-Annual reports describe NYCHA’s compliance to federal regulations pertaining to lead abatement and lead safe work practices. They are accompanied by Environmental Health and Safety Reports that summarize findings and observations of field monitoring efforts.

The 10 Principles of the Lead Action Plan

NYCHA has developed an initial Lead Action Plan to document steps that have been taken and will continue to be taken to comply with obligations of the Agreement. As part of the implementation of the Lead Action Plan, NYCHA will ensure the following 10 principles are acknowledged, adopted and reinforced by all NYCHA supervisor in order to adhere to legal requirements related to lead-based paint.

Health of Older Adults in New York City Public Housing

The Effects of Neighborhood Change on NYCHA Residents

In May 2015, the Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) in partnership with Abt Associates and New York University’s Furman Center released a report on the socioeconomic impact of neighborhoods surrounding NYCHA developments on the income levels of the public housing residents and their quality of life.

NYCHA's Economic Impact and Cost to Rehabilitate vs. Replace Public Housing

NYCHA Annual Reports