Comprehensive Modernization

As a part of the 2019 HUD Agreement, NYCHA’s Transformation Plan outlines critical improvements to the Authority's management structure, policies and operations. Through the continuing implementation of this plan, NYCHA is working to improve residents’ quality of life and the delivery of services at its 335 developments, while addressing specific compliance pillar areas, including lead-based paint, leaks and mold, heating and elevator services, and pest and waste management, across the portfolio.

Aligned with these efforts, NYCHA is launching Comprehensive Modernization, an approach introduced in NYCHA’s City Capital Action Plan that focuses on holistic capital improvements, rather than on separate component-based repairs. Supported by the $450 million that was allocated for such projects in the City Capital Action Plan, this approach will provide top-to-bottom renovations at certain sites to address all pillar areas through exterior and interior building renovations, systems upgrades, and related grounds improvements. These renovations are needed to bring these developments into compliance with the 2019 agreement and will directly benefit the New Yorkers who live there.

As NYCHA implements Comprehensive Modernization, the Authority continues to use every available option for improving the conditions of its buildings against the backdrop of a $40 billion deficit, which grows by approximately $1 billion a year.

St. Nicholas Houses

Todt Hill Houses

Contracting Opportunities for Comprehensive Modernization

NYCHA is looking to engage a wide range of vendors, contractors, and consultants interested in providing goods and/or services for its in their Comprehensive Modernization program

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