Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Enterprises (MWSBE)

NYCHA is committed to maximizing the participation of MWSBEs at all levels of procurement. NYCHA's outreach efforts include hosting trade fairs, training sessions for MWSBEs, and regularly participating in trade shows and symposiums.

To qualify as an MWSBE, a company must be an on-going, independent business owned, operated and controlled by United States citizens or permanent resident aliens who are racial minority group members or women. Learn more at MWSBE Requirements.

NYCHA encourages veterans to register if they meet the requirements of an MWSBE. For further information on starting or expanding your business, visit the Veteran’s Business Outreach Program and NYS Veterans' Business Outreach Center

In order to participate in NYCHA's procurement opportunities, MWSBEs must register with iSupplier, NYCHA's free online procurement portal. For registration information, visit iSupplier Registration. NYCHA also encourages MWSBEs to register with the City Record to learn about procurement opportunities on a daily basis. Additionally, paint contractors must prequalify in order to participate in bidding on contracts for maintenance painting of apartments.

MWSBEs listed with the Office of Supplier Diversity are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • E-mail notifications of NYCHA bid notices
  • Notification of MWSBE procurement and training events
  • Assistance meeting prime contractors