Selling to NYCHA

NYCHA spends about a billion dollars every year on goods and services for its residents. The Supply Management Department oversees all procurement activities.

NYCHA hosts and participates in vendor events, including training, to provide information about specific procurement opportunities and to encourage businesses to participate in its procurement process.

View a list of NYCHA’s current procurement opportunities.

In order to participate in NYCHA's procurement opportunities, vendors, contractors and consultants must be registered with NYCHA's free, online procurement portal: iSupplier.

For information on vendor compliance requirements, visit our Vendors page.

To see notices of NYCHA bid opportunities on a daily basis, vendors are encouraged to register with the City Record.

Paint contractors must prequalify in order to participate in bidding on contracts for maintenance painting of apartments.

NYCHA is committed to maximizing the participation of Section 3 Business Concerns (S3BC) and Minority- and Women-owned Small Business Enterprises (MWSBE) at all levels of its procurement process. Veterans are also encouraged to participate. Visit our S3BC and MWSBE pages for more information.