Vendors, contractors, and consultants interested in providing goods and/or services to NYCHA may register, learn about selling, and search for opportunities to provide goods and/or services to NYCHA via the links below:

Vendors should be aware of the following additional requirements when selling goods or services to NYCHA:

Introducing PASSPort! 

  • PASSPort replaces VENDEX.  The Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) launched a new online procurement tool, the Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal(PASSPort).  PASSPort makes it easier for vendors to submit and keep disclosure documents up-to-date
  • Vendors interested in selling goods or services to NYCHA should be aware of the following updated requirements:

    • PASSPort has replaced the paper VENDEX and Certificate of No Change (CNC) forms
    • Vendors are required to login and register in PASSPort


    If you have any questions please email:  

    MOCS at vendors in PASSPort

    or NYCHA at:

  • Local Law 34 of 2007 
  • Office of the Inspector General-Anticorruption Guide
  • Non-Collusive Bidding 
  • Labor Coalition Letter 
  • Prevailing Wage 
  • Insurance 
  • The Supply Management Department is responsible for sourcing, conducting bids, awarding contracts, purchasing, warehousing and arranging for deliveries of goods, and procuring services.

    Need to contact our Supply Management Department? Submit your business inquiry online.