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There's No Room for Housing Discrimination in NYC

Section 8 Voucher Holders & all other residents receiving other rental vouchers or public rental assistance. It is ILLEGAL for your landlord to refuse your voucher or public rental assistance unless he or she has less than 6 units in all of his or her properties.

More information about housing discrimination (PDF)

As of December 10, 2009 NYCHA is no longer accepting new Section 8 applications. If you previously submitted a Section 8 housing application when the wait list was open, you may log on to the Self-Service Portal to check the status of the application.

Denial of Assistance

Applicants who are denied assistance will be notified by NYCHA and will be given the opportunity to appeal the reason.

Income Limits

Applicants must be income-eligible at the time of voucher issuance. Below are the current income limits for Section 8 applicants:

Family Size Annual Income ($)
1 Person $36,550
2 Persons $41,750
3 Persons $46,950
4 Persons $52,150
5 Persons $56,350
6 Persons $60,500
7 Persons $64,700
8 Persons $68,850


Self-Service Links

Applicants can view their information and complete certain transactions online. Log on to the self-service portal to get started.

Things You Should Know When Applying For Section 8
Don't risk your chances for receiving federally assisted housing by providing false, incomplete, or inaccurate information on your application forms. Learn more about what information you must provide before applying for Section 8 on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) website.

Voucher Payment Standards and Utility Allowance Schedules
Voucher payment standards and utility allowance schedules are the maximum amount of subsidy NYCHA will pay to the owner on behalf of a voucher holder. NYCHA’s payment standard schedule is based on the Fair Market Rent established by HUD for each unit size. These standards can be set between 90 percent and 110 percent of the published Fair Market Rent. Please view the voucher payment standards and utility allowance schedules for the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)