Application Lifecycle

HCV Application Lifecycle

Wait List Selection

  • When Section 8 vouchers become available, NYCHA will select applicants off the waitlist in order of preference and date.

Final Eligibility

  • NYCHA will determine the family composition, and confirm: income and asset information.
  • All applicants 16 years of age or older who will reside in the unit, will undergo a criminal background check (CBC) as part of this process.
  • All members 16 years of age or older must pass the CBC in order to receive a voucher.

Briefing/Voucher Issuance

  • NYCHA will provide a briefing packet and a voucher to the applicant, which will allow the applicant to begin searching for a unit.

Leasing Up

  • Applicants will have 120 days from the voucher issuance date to find a unit and lease-up.