Reporting Changes to Income and Family Composition

To remain eligible for assistance under the Housing Choice Voucher program, participants must complete their Annual Recertification, including submitting required documents, and allow their unit to be inspected annually.

Annual Recertification

You must submit income, asset, expense, and family composition information to NYCHA on an annual basis to demonstrate continued eligibility for the Section 8 program. As part of this process, you submit a completed Affidavit of Income, a Third-Party Verification form for household members 18 years of age or older, a Declaration of Assets form, and supporting documentation (e.g., proof of income, assets, and expenses for all household members). NYCHA will review and verify all information submitted and will provide participants with a Voucher Change Notice that indicates the tenant’s share of the rent.

Interim Recertification

At any time, you may request an Interim Recertification if there is a change in family composition, income, assets, or expenses. To request an Interim Recertification, you must submit a completed "Voucher Holder's Request for Interim Change" form. Obtain this form by calling NYCHA’s Customer Contact Center or visiting a Walk-in Center.