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Police Commissioner's Message

Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill
The NYPD is woven into the very fabric of New York City, whether we are patrolling the streets and answering calls for service; responding to emergencies; investigating local robbery patterns; getting to know local community members; rendering aid to injured people; maintaining vigilance against terrorism; keeping the vast subway system safe; directing traffic on crowded city streets; analyzing shell casings in labs; watching over the more than one million students in our public schools system; or employing compassion when negotiating with emotionally distressed individuals. We care deeply about this place and its people, and we strive every day to keep them safe. It's what we love to do, and we do it better than any other police department, anywhere.

Our department is currently undergoing very significant changes and reforms to serve the people of New York better and to fight crime more effectively. Neighborhood policing is anchoring patrol officers in individual sectors within our precincts to allow them to work seamlessly with local residents and to gain detailed knowledge about crime problems and other issues in local communities. As we have staffed neighborhood policing, these sector officers now have the time and latitude to do more than answer calls for service, and are having real, lasting impacts on chronic problems in neighborhoods.

Supporting the sector officers in each sector are two neighborhood coordination officers, who have the unique mission of acting as liaisons between your police and you, managing community contacts, conducting preliminary investigations, addressing your quality-of-life concerns, and solving problems with an eye toward lowering crime and preventing disorder. We are connecting with these communities as never before. I encourage community members to learn the names of their sector officers and neighborhood coordinating officers and to contact them whenever they are needed.

We have also retooled the investigative side of the department with what we call the unified investigations model, greatly increasing the precision and the efficiency of investigations into gangs and violence. We are completing investigations and arresting more high-value subjects responsible for murders, shootings, and other violence in our communities. With these violent people removed from our streets, murder and shooting numbers are dropping significantly and consistently.

At the NYPD, we view public safety as a shared responsibility between law enforcement and those who live and work in the communities we serve. We want to work together with you to make New York City an even safer and even more enjoyable place for everyone.