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Employee Relations

Deputy Commissioner Robert L. Ganley

Deputy Commissioner for Employee Relations: Robert L. Ganley

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Employee Relations (DCER) engages in three primary activities: enhancing morale and employee engagement; coordinating inclusion and collaboration between numerous bureaus and offices, as requested by the Police Commissioner; and serving as a liaison to the department's fraternal, religious, and ethnic organizations.

DCER seeks to enhance morale for both uniformed and civilian members of the department through numerous avenues, including intense and detailed communication with the various labor unions and the executive board of every departmental fraternal organization, as well as individual members of these groups.

DCER oversees the Employee Relations Section (ERS), the Chaplains Unit, and the Ceremonial Unit.

Family Assistance Section (FAS) serves those officers killed or injured in the line of duty, as well as those who are seriously ill. ERS works closely with a network of not-for-profit organizations to assist members of the department and their families. A special focus is placed on the surviving relatives of our fallen officers. We are dedicated to ensuring that their needs are met and that their loved ones are never forgotten.

The Chaplains Unit consists of 12 chaplains from various faiths who are dedicated to the spiritual wellbeing of all 55,000 uniformed and civilian members.

The Ceremonial Unit ensures proper protocol for all official department ceremonies and events.

The bureau also encourages participation in the department's various sports teams, fostering camaraderie and allowing officers from different bureaus and units to interact in a healthy and positive relationship. DCER oversees the department's Sports Unit, which coordinates the Police Commissioner's Sports League and is the liaison to the 23 department teams (such as Finest Football, Finest Boxing, and NYPD Baseball).