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Equity and Inclusion

Deputy Commissioner Tanya Meisenholder

Deputy Commissioner for Equity and Inclusion: Tanya Meisenholder

The Office of Equity and Inclusion, formed in 2018, encompasses the pre-existing Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). Equity and Inclusion is responsible for equal employment opportunity compliance and governance, as well as work/life policies and programs. The office plays a direct role in policy development, training, recruitment, the creation of employee opportunities, and is instrumental in the NYPD's efforts to be the most diverse and inclusive police department in the world.

The bureau is committed to educating members of the service about the department's equity and inclusion strategies and equal employment opportunity policies, as well as state and local discrimination laws, in order to better equip officers to police New York City in an unbiased and professional manner. Fostering cultural understanding and building a bias-free workplace, Equity and Inclusion instills greater understanding of a diverse department and a diverse city.

NYPD continues its commitment to improving communication and collaboration between local police officers and community residents, and Equity and Inclusion is a key component to making neighborhood policing a reality.