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Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters is responsible for issuing Department-wide guidance regarding the collection, disclosure, and retention of identifying information maintained by the Department, in accordance with New York City Administrative Code Sections 23-1202 through 23-1205.

The Director, Privacy Matters is designated the Department’s Agency Privacy Officer, and oversees compliance with the City’s Identifying Information Law and participates in the Citywide Privacy Protection Committee. The unit provides counsel to the NYPD on issues related to information security and sharing, agency recordkeeping, and other privacy and confidentiality issues.

Privacy Matters is responsible for drafting privacy-related policies, including surveillance technology impact and use policies prepared in accordance with the Public Oversight Surveillance Technology (POST) Act.

Contact information: Attn: Privacy Matters, Legal Bureau, Room 1406, One Police Plaza, New York, NY 10038, Telephone: 646-610-5400, Fax: 646-610-8395, Email: