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Strategic Initiatives

Deputy Commissioner Danielle M. Pemberton

Deputy Commissioner Strategic Initiatives:
Danielle M. Pemberton

The Office of Strategic Initiatives is the NYPD's central body for research, analysis, and policy development. The Office of Strategic Initiatives mission is to design and drive long term, enterprise-wide transformation by evaluating policies, programs, and resources, and striving toward maximum organizational efficiency and effectiveness. It serves as a primary advisor to the police commissioner regarding the department's short and long term strategic goals. The office examines new technologies and explores innovative solutions to help the department to fulfill its primary mission of keeping New York City safe.

Strategic Initiatives has spearheaded a number of diverse and dynamic projects, including the development of a mobile application to better help police officers connect with the communities they serve and an evaluation of policing policies and systems.

Strategic Initiatives oversees the following sub-units:

Office of Management Analysis and Planning

The Office of Management Analysis and Planning (OMAP) is the primary evaluation and assessment arm of the New York City Police Department. It serves as a "think tank" for potential innovations and efficiencies, proposing policies, programs, organizational structures, and staffing levels, with the goal of maximum effectiveness. The office monitors and maintains the department's crime reporting system in relationship with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. It conducts in-depth analyses of crime data and disseminates crime statistics for public consumption. It maintains the Department Manual (which includes the Patrol Guide), oversees official department form design and control, and establishes record retention and destruction policies. It also liaises with outside law enforcement agencies and academia, identifying emerging trends, solutions and technologies.

Office of Professional Development

The Office of Professional Development (OPD) was established to empower all members of the department to pursue fulfilling careers by offering opportunities for professional education, skill development and growth as leaders. OPD is actively pursuing new educational opportunities for all members of the department, both uniform and civilian, to enable both personal and professional growth. It utilizes a career track model to assist personnel in planning their careers for growth through both advancement and experiential learning in addition to optimizing and expanding developmental opportunities.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) helps manage large-scale projects that require the coordination and communication of multiple department commands, other agencies, and even outside entities. PMO, through the Chief of Strategic Initiatives, supports policy makers and bureau heads as they make major decisions on complex and transformative initiatives. The office provides a structured format for project planning, communications, tracking, and reporting. The staff collaborates with relevant stake holders, closely monitoring progress to ensure that mutual goal are accomplished and projects are a success.

Strategic Projects Office

The Strategic Projects Office (SPO) is tasked with shaping and implementing long-term priority initiatives for the department. Projects under the SPO span a variety of subject matter areas, and include assessing current agency policies and operations, researching best practices, testing promising new initiatives, and developing long-term strategies to accomplish key department goals.