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Computer Training Unit

The Computer Training Unit provides uniformed and civilian Department members with 30 different computer classes, ranging from the proper computer operation and usage to a number of highly specialized computer and NYPD applications. Support for the coursework is provided through a combination of classroom instruction, training materials, and personal instruction.

The unit is responsible for developing new curricula, or updating existing curricula, to meet the growing technological needs of the Department. Computer coursework is often tailored to the needs of specialized Department personnel and includes learning how to utilize the various law enforcement databases associated with the NYPD's Domain Awareness System, a powerful counterterrorism and policing tool developed by the NYPD and Microsoft.

The unit devised a new curriculum for the neighborhood coordination officers to strengthen their computer skills and assist in their mission of connecting police with the communities, as part of the Department's framework for making New York City safer. Other specialized computer classes include: Property Evidence and Tracking System (PETS), FINEST, SPRINT, OmniForm Arrest, OmniForm Juvenile, and ARCS. Instruction is also provided in a variety of Microsoft programs.

The Computer Training Unit also provides computer training to other city and law enforcement agencies.