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Firearms and Tactics Section

The Firearms and Tactics Section teaches both the functional knowledge and the mechanical skills necessary for the safe and proficient use of firearms. The section also cultivates the incisive tactical judgment needed to navigate the turbulent dynamics of deadly force encounters. The goal in developing foundational skills and incisive judgment is to minimize occasions for the use of deadly force, while maximizing the safety of the community served.

All firearms training starts with NYPD recruits and continues through the in-service semi-annual qualification cycle.  Both the recruit training and semi-annual in-service training are regarded as the essential base for all NYPD firearms training.

Some of the programs the Firearms and Tactics Section provides include:

  • Recruit 13-day basic and tactical firearms training program;
  • Semi-annual firearms re-qualification cycle for all in-service officers
  • FATS training: firearms simulator scenario-based training;
  • Special weapons training conducted for Special Operations Division, Counterterrorism Division, Intelligence Division, Highway Patrol, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force;
  • Advanced tactical firearms course for plainclothes personnel;
  • Tactical pistol firearms course for patrol, transit and housing officers performing patrol-related duties;
  • Scenario-based training using simunition/marking cartridges, called “force on force” training;
  • Less-than-lethal devices training on conducted energy devices, pepper spray, polycarbonate shield and Velcro restraining straps;
  • Tactical review sessions for all uniformed members of the service who have discharged their firearm in the line of duty.

The Firearms and Tactics Section remains a leader in the field, continually exploring the latest research, examining tactical innovations, testing novel equipment, and adapting an evolving curriculum to new insights and information.