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Leadership Development Section

The Leadership Development Section (LDS) provides top-quality education, offering a large selection of specialized training programs for the NYPD's supervisory and managerial ranks. The promotional and in-service training courses offer instruction in utilizing management theories, leadership concepts, supervisory information, and best practices consistent with Police Department policies. LDS helps ranking supervisors, civilian managers, and Department executives develop a solid core of knowledge and expertise based on legal principles, NYPD procedures, and effective leadership and tactical communication skills.

The Leadership Development Section strengthens and enhances the performance of all uniformed and civilian supervisors. Developing prepared, knowledgeable supervisors ensures that current and future NYPD leaders will be equipped to manage with professionalism, confidence, and skill.

The Leadership Development Section is comprised of three subunits:

  • The Executive Development Unit
  • The Uniformed Promotions Unit
  • The Citywide Incident Management System (CIMS) Unit

Together, these units provide the full gamut of leadership training for the NYPD. In all of the coursework and curricula, leadership and growth are the grounding principles. LDS continues to incorporate additional educational opportunities into the training programs by enhancing partnerships with private organizations, outside educational institutions, and other government agencies. LDS also conducts the Civilian LEAD (Leaders Empowered to Act Decisively) program for civilian supervisors.