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Chief Kathleen O'Reilly

Chief of Transit: Kathleen M. O'Reilly

The Transit Bureau is responsible for the safety and security of the 5.6 million passengers who use the New York City subways each day. Providing police services for the busiest metropolitan rail system in the nation, members of the Transit Bureau patrol the subway's 25 lines, 472 stations, and nearly 250 miles of passenger rail line. The bureau comprises 12 transit districts, each located within or adjacent to the subway system, and overseen by three borough commands: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx/Queens. District personnel are supplemented by members of several specialized units within the Transit Bureau—including three borough Task Forces, Anti-Terrorism Unit, Citywide Vandals Task Force, Canine Unit, Special Projects Unit, and MetroCard Fraud Task Force.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood Coordination Officers

Find your transit district. Find your NCOs.

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) are your local problem-solvers. They spend their entire tours riding on the same subway lines and visiting the same stations in their assigned sectors. Their job is to resolve ongoing crime and quality-of-life issues, and to build relationships with commuters and MTA employees.

Many of the problems encountered by straphangers are matters of public safety. NCOs work hand-in-hand with MTA workers and the people we all serve to address those concerns, one train and one subway station at a time.

Use the pull-down menu below to find your transit district, your sector, and contact information for your NCOs.

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Next Stop Meetings

Manhattan A 72/Broadway Near Booth R161b 1130 X 1430 8/25/2021


Adam PO Ting PO Wody
Manhattan F 63/Lexington Near Booth N601 1130 X 1430 8/18/2021 1 Boy PO Maharaj PO Piedrahita
Manhattan 7 34/Hudson Yards Near Booth R550 1130 X 1430 8/4/2021 1 Charlie PO Okolie PO Iancu
Manhattan 1 2 3 34/7 Main Booth R 138 1600 X 1900 8/4/2021 2 Adam PO Tsividakis PO Young
Manhattan A C E, B D F M West 4th Near Booth N83 1600 X 1900 8/11/2021 2 Boy PO Acosta PO Delloiacono
Manhattan A C E, 4 5 2 3 Fulton Near Booth N95 1600 X 1900 8/18/2021 2 Charlie PO Cammarato PO Singh
Manhattan 1 2 3 96 Street Mezzanine Area At 96 Street Side 1300 x 1600 8/11/2021 3 Charlie PO Mccutchen PO Champagne
Manhattan 1 145 Street SB Side By The Main Booth 1500 x 1800 8/18/2021 3 Boy PO Kingston PO Marcelin
Manhattan 1 242 Street Booth Area 1200 x 1500 8/27/2021 3 Adam PO Burks TBD
Bronx 4 167 Mezzanine 1200 X 1500 8/3/2021 11 Adam PO Acevedo PO Caceres
Bronx 4 183 Mezzanine 1200 X 1500 8/10/2021 11 Boy PO Illesca PO Wager
Bronx D Fordham Part Time Side Of The Station 1200 X 1500 8/17/2021 11 Charlie PO Shomo PO Polanco
Bronx 2 219 St 219 Station Mezzanine 0800 X 1100 8/3/2021 12 Adam PO Burrell PO Dailey
Bronx 2 5 E.Tremont East Tremont Avenue Mezzanine 0900 X 1200 8/18/2021 12 Boy PO Minott PO Thomas-Martinez
Queens 6 Hunts Point Hunts Point Mezzanine 0800 X 1100 8/26/2021 12 Charlie PO Burgos PO Vega
Queens E Sutphin/Archer Mezzanine 0600 X 0900 8/6/2021 20 David PO Cox PO James
Queens 7 61/Woodside Mezzanine 0600 X 0900 8/13/2021 20 Boy PO Tsoi PO Napolitano
Queens N 36 Ave Mezzanine 0600 X 0900 8/20/2021 20 Adam PO Perrone PO Falcetti
Queens 7 103 St Mezzanine 0600 X 0900 8/27/2021 20 Charlie PO Osei PO Erosa
Queens A Rockaway Blvd (A) Mezzanine 0830X 1030 8/6/2021 23 Adam PO Castillo PO Rogers
Brooklyn A Mott Ave (A) Mezzanine 0830X 1030 8/13/2021 23 Boy PO Cadet PO Hashmi
Brooklyn A C G Hoyt Schermerhorn Mezzanine Booth 1000 X 1300 8/12/2021 30 Adam PO Bodai PO Tadros
Brooklyn 4 5 Borough Hall Mezzanine Booth N601 1100 X 1400 8/18/2021 30 Boy PO Canning PO Nieves
Brooklyn F G Carroll St Mezzanine Booth N534 1200 X 1500 8/20/2021 30 Charlie PO Espinal TBD
Brooklyn 2 5 Flatbush Ave Mezzanine Booth R645 1600 X 1900 8/19/2021 32 Boy PO.Morante PO Leveille
Brooklyn D N R Atlantic Ave Mezzanine Booth C9 1600 X 1900 8/12/2021 32 Adam PO Menon PO Fernandez
Brooklyn 3 4 Utica Ave Mezzanine Booth R626 1600 X 1900 8/25/2021 32 Charlie PO Simmons PO Murray
Brooklyn L Myrtle Wyckoff Mezzanine By The Booth 1600 X 1900 8/2/2021 33 Charlie PO Gautreaux PO Olsen
Brooklyn L Rockaway Parkway On The Platform By The Bus Stop 1100 X 1400 8/13/2021 33 Boy PO Auguste PO Richards
Brooklyn J Crescent Street Mezzanine By The Booth 1000 X 1300 8/18/2021 33 Adam PO Coutrier PO Rosario
Brooklyn Q Kings Highway "Q" Line Main Mezzanine Booth Side 0800 X 1100 8/4/2021 34 Charlie PO Acquista PO Lormestil
Brooklyn R 59th Street "R" Line Main Mezzanine Booth Side 0800 X 1100 8/11/2021 34 Adam PO Colon PO Parisi
Brooklyn D 20th Ave "D" Line Main Mezzanine Booth Side 0800 X 1100 8/18/2021 34 Boy PO Gammone PO Rutherford

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