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Cadet Corps Requirements & Benefits

Enrollment Requirements

To enroll in the Cadet Corps, a candidate must:

  • Be at least 18 years old and be able to meet the maximum age requirements to be a police officer upon graduation from college
  • Be a New York City resident
  • Be a full-time college student with at least 45 credits and no more than 95 credits at the time of hire. Students must have a 2.0 GPA, earn a minimum of 12 credits each semester and be enrolled in a 4-year degree program at an accredited college within NYC, Nassau or Westchester Counties
  • Be free of any felony convictions
  • Have US Citizenship within two (2) years of hire and/or graduation of college – whichever comes first

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Staying in the Program

To remain in the Cadet Corps, a cadet must:

  • Maintain the 2.0 GPA and earn a minimum of 12 credits per semester in a 4-year degree program at an accredited college
  • Take the first available promotional police officer's exam while you are a cadet
  • Attend monthly training every third Saturday of each month at the Police Academy
  • Work full-time during the summer months
  • Have your US Citizenship within two years of being hired or upon graduation from college, whichever comes first

Career Paths

With over 300 specialized units to choose from, Cadets gain the knowledge and experience to advance their career within the NYPD. It is proven that those who participate in this program are more prepared to receive greater promotional opportunities down the line than those who do not, proving this opportunity to truly be a win-win for everyone. Become properly prepared for a successful police career. Step up-and sign up today! All college majors welcome. Here are a few examples:

  • Computer Science/Programming: Information Technology Bureau (ITB)
  • Accounting/Finance: Deputy Commissioner of Management and Budget (DCMB)
  • Accounting: Fiscal Management Division
  • Mathematics/Statistics: Office Of Management Analysis and Planning (OMAP)
  • Engineering/Architecture: Facilities Management Division
  • English: Police Academy Recruit Training
  • Graphic Arts: Police Academy & Office of Public Information (DCPI)

Tuition Assistance and Other Benefits

Tuition Assistance: Receive up to $20,000 in tuition assistance ($2,500 to $5,000 per semester, up to 4 semesters). Cadets who take advantage of this program will not have to re-pay the amount after completing 2 years of service as a New York City Police Officer.
Great Pay: We offer $16.31 hourly wage.
Flexible Work Schedule: We offer full-time summer employment with a flexible work schedule during the school year – school comes first!
Promotional Opportunity: When you take the police officer's exam it will be considered a promotional exam.

The Hiring Process

  • Background Check
  • Pre-Hire Interview
  • Medical Examination
  • Standardized Psychological Test
  • Job Standard Test
  • Oral Psychological Interview
  • Character Investigation