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School Crossing Guards

Safeguard Schoolchildren through the City's Busy Streets

The NYPD position of school crossing guard is part-time employment that comes with a personal sense of job satisfaction as you safeguard school children walking across busy intersections on their way to and from school. School crossing guards oversee and control traffic flow around schools in the morning, at lunch time, and at the end of the school day.

Entrusted with the safety of the city's schoolchildren, candidates for this position are asked to meet certain physical and medical requirements, and complete six days of training at the NYC Police Academy once appointed. In return, school crossing guards are rewarded with an exceptional opportunity to serve their community, while earning a competitive salary with family health insurance benefits.

Pay and Benefits

  • $13.50/hour to start, $14.04/hour after three years
  • Health insurance with 20-plus hours worked per week
  • Work close to home
  • Summer work also available


  • There are no formal education or experience requirements for this job, but all candidates must be able to understand English and speak English well enough to be understood.
  • Prior to appointment, prospective candidates must pass a qualifying medical examination, which includes drug screening, and a character/background investigation.
  • Once appointed, candidates must complete six days of training at the Police Academy.

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