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The NYPD provides a number of work and health-related services and a range of information, including information about the necessary steps uniformed officers must take prior to retirement.

Mental Health Resources for Members of the Department and their Families
There are a number of resources available to all members of the department, both uniformed and civilian, and to their families as well, to help reduce stress, deal with trauma, and prevent suicide.

9/11 Resources for NYPD Members of the Service and their Families
Members of the Service who might have been exposed to toxins while working around the World Trade Center site following the 9/11 attack are encouraged to take part in an annual screening that is available through the Department’s Medical Division.

Employee Assistance Unit is staffed by both uniform and civilian peer counselors who can provide Department members with the necessary assistance in a time of need. Staff members have extensive training in a variety of employee assistance matters, enabling them to handle basic issues and complex problems, whether work-related or of a personal nature. Learn more about the services provided by the Employee Assistance Unit or call 646-610-6730. Confidential counseling is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Employee Relations Section addresses the hardships and grievances of the members of the Department and assists them in resolving these issues. NYPD staff members are always ready to assist and can be reached at 646-610-5434.

The Military and Extended Leave Desk (MELD) approves, processes and monitors all leaves of absence for uniformed and civilian members of the service that exceed 29 consecutive days. A member of the service will be transferred to the Military and Extended Leave Desk once the leave of absence is approved as per department guidelines. The Military and Extended Leave Desk may be contacted at (646) 610-5513 or via email at Current NYPD employees can click here to access the MELD website.

NYPD Intranet is a comprehensive internal website for all members of the service, uniformed and civilians, containing important information on topics, including work, benefits, career, and health. Contact your command's administrative lieutenant if you are having trouble accessing the site.

Public Service Careers with NYC and NYPD Job Postings are available through the City's e-hire site.

Requests for Transcripts and Letters

Retirement Process for Uniformed Members of the Service

Uniformed officers' decisions to retire from the NYPD can often be difficult, especially after the officers have devoted years of service and commitment to the community. The Department has prepared a checklist to make the process smoother, which is briefly described below.

  • Notify your commanding officer.
  • Obtain a Property Receipt/Discontinuance of Service form from the commanding officer, who must sign the form once it is completed.
  • Telephone the Police Pension Fund (PPF) at 212-693-5100 to make an appointment. The Police Pension Fund is located at 233 Broadway, 19th Floor, in Lower Manhattan.
  • Tier 2 members must report to the Police Pension Fund thirty days in advance of the actual retirement day. Tier 3 members may report to the Police Pension Fund without an appointment. Wear civilian clothes to the appointment.
  • After visiting the Police Pension Fund, there are several stops to be made at One Police Plaza.
    • Pick up a Pistol License Inquiry form from the Employee Management Division, Room 501.
    • Turn in your shield and get a new identification card at the Shield and ID Desk, Room 502.
    • The Retiree Lounge, located inside room 502A, is available for retirees who are waiting for processing. The lounge has a small kitchen stocked with coffee and snacks.
  • Return to the Police Pension Fund to complete the retirement process.

For additional details on the necessary steps to return to civilian life, please refer to the NYPD Patrol Guide, Procedure Number 205-42.