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Suicide Awareness and Mental Health Resources

Sometimes, the emotional and physical strain in our professional lives and personal lives — or both — can seem like too much to bear. But what seems unmanageable today may be more managable tomorrow.

Many of us go through periods in our lives when things feel hopeless, overwhelming, or just seem to be going wrong. The first step toward a solution is speaking to someone.

Seeking out help is never a sign of weakness — it's a sign of great strength. If you are having a problem of any kind, please contact the services offered inside and outside the department — because you never have to shoulder your burden alone. Trained members will listen and connect you with even more help, around the clock. And if you know of someone else who may need to talk, please make the first move.

Your job requires that you spend your day helping others. But before you can take care of anyone else, you must first take care of yourself.

Employee Assistance Unit
(646) 610-6730
Chaplain's Unit
(212) 473-2363
POPPA (Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance)
(888) 267-7267
(800) 273-8255
Crisis Text Line
Text "talk" to 741741
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
NYC Well