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Break in the Case

NYPD detective shield and the words "Break in the Case"

Break in the Case is a true crime podcast written and produced by the New York City Police Department. Listen as we follow "the world's greatest detectives" to different crime scenes-some you may know, some you don't.

In the woods of Upper Manhattan, a grisly discovery in a cooler leads detectives down a twisting path, as they attempt to solve a gut-wrenching mystery spanning decades.

In South Brooklyn, police find severed limbs and a torso strewn across a rocky beach, with little to identify them.

In conjunction with the New York City Police Foundation, Break in the Case provides an extraordinary inside look at NYPD investigations and the men and women who conduct them.


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"Who is Monique?" focuses on an ongoing, unsolved case. In winter 2015, body parts were found washed up along a rocky beach in Calvert Vaux Park in South Brooklyn. Investigators determined a few key characteristics, but the victim is unidentified to this day. The best lead remains a faded tattoo on the victim's severed calf. It reads "Monique." Who is Monique? A daughter? A partner? The victim herself? To figure out her identity, the NYPD needs your help.
The Gravesend shoreline where body parts were discovered The tattoo found on the victim's leg A forensic recreation of the victim's face.
The Gravesend shoreline where body parts were discovered. (Left) The tattoo found on the victim's leg. (Right) An artist's recreation of the tattoo A forensic recreation of the victim's face.

Episode 6: Who is Monique?

Police find the severed body parts of a woman in South Brooklyn, and are struggling to identify her to this day.

Baby Hope

Break in the Case: "Baby Hope" takes listeners inside the investigation of the murder of Anjelica Castillo, also known as "Baby Hope." In 1991, a toddler’s body was found stuffed in a cooler off the West Side Highway in Upper Manhattan. With no witnesses and nothing to identify the body, the trail went cold for over two decades, until a massive break reignited the investigation and allowed detectives to at long last bring the man who killed Baby Hope to justice.

Episode 5: In the Box

After hours of interrogation, the truth about what happened to Baby Hope is revealed.

Episode 4: The Girl in the White Dress

For 22 years, detectives searched for the true name of the little girl they called "Baby Hope." Once they found it, it was eight days before they were face to face with her killer.

Episode 3: A Colder Case

For 20 years, detectives struggled with the Baby Hope case. One day, a tip was called in that changed everything.

Episode 2: We Are Them

Two years into the investigation, detectives are no closer to knowing Baby Hope's real name.

Image progression showing recreation of little girl's face from the initial skull to chubby-cheeked child, seven images
New sketches of Baby Hope
Small, white coffin before being lowered, cops stadnding at attention as a priest jesters a blessing
Funeral for Baby Hope

Episode 1: Into the Woods

A gruesome discovery by a road crew in Washington Heights sends the 34th Precinct Detective Squad on a hunt for a little girl's identity.

Blue coller on its side on the ground among downed tree branches
Cooler found off the West Side Highway
Wanted: Field Information - police poster featuring image of cooler and initial sketch of a hollow-cheeked girl
Original wanted poster with initial sketch of Baby Hope

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