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NYPD First Responders Continue Rescue Efforts in North Carolina

September 18, 2018

New York City police officers deployed with New York Task Force-1 (NY TF-1) continue their search and rescue efforts in North Carolina. The team was deployed in two groups in the days leading up to Hurricane Florence, as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Urban Search and Rescue Response (US&R) initiative.

The 101 member team, consisting of first responders from NYPD, FDNY/EMS, and Emergency Management, has been conducting evacuations, wellness checks, and animal rescues—all by boat—since late last week. One team is stationed in Raleigh, and the other was stationed in Pamlico County, where it was predicted the brunt of the storm would hit. They have since moved inland to Fayetteville, where the waters of the Cape Fear River are expected to crest, causing major flooding.

"After 9/11, so many people came to New York City to help us. We're just repaying the favor," said Captain Thomas Traynor, a team leader who was deployed with the first group last Tuesday. "My daughter asked me why I joined the team. She said, 'Everyone is leaving. Why are you going down there?' I told her, 'People need our help. This is what we're trained for. So we're down here to help them. That's what we do.'"