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Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

The NYPD has produced a number of crime prevention and safety tips to help residents, businesses, and visitors identify and prevent unlawful acts such as fraud, identity theft, auto theft, telephone scams, and other types of crime.

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Special Attention

Phone Scams


911 Emergency Protocol

Click here to learn more about 911 emergency protocol

Auto Theft Prevention

Don't Leave the Keys in the Ignition

Vehicles left unattended with keys in the ignition are easily targeted by car thieves. This dangerous practice allows for an easy theft or a joy ride by an inexperienced driver.

This commonly occurs around the neighborhood store, deli, coffee shop, or newspaper stand. Remain alert. Don't create an opportunity. Don't become a victim!

When leaving your vehicle always:

  • Close Your Windows
  • Turn off the Ignition and REMOVE THE KEYS
  • Lock Your Doors!

You might only be a "minute" — but a minute is all a thief needs. Lock up your car and take your keys with you!

Crime Prevention Materials and Videos


Be Prepared

Child Safety


Domestic Violence


Commercial Safety

image Link to Commercial Burglary PDF

Identity Theft

Personal Safety

Public Transportation