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Reports and Statistical Analyses

The NYPD regularly publishes reports and statistical analyses on a wide variety of department-related topics, providing the public with important information and a high level of transparency.

This section contains a wealth of historical data—in some cases, going back over a decade—about various functions of the NYPD and its interactions with the public.

  • Civil Immigration Detainers: A report on the number of federal requests received by the city to detain an individual for an extended, atypical amount of time, and how many such requests were honored.
  • Court Summonses: Yearly data on the number of criminal court summonses issued by offense.
  • Crime and Enforcement Activity Reports: Demographic data about victims of and suspects in various crime categories.
  • Deployment Law: A list containing the number of officers who have been disciplined for misconduct for each precinct, housing police service area, and transit district.
  • Desk Appearance Ticket Arrest Analysis Data: A thorough breakdown of data about desk appearance tickets—issued in lieu of custodial arrests—listed by precinct, offense, and various demographic categories.
  • School Safety Data: Quarterly data on offenses committed in New York City public schools, broken down by school or precinct, as well as reports on injuries sustained by NYPD personnel in the schools, and complaints made against the department's school safety agents.
  • Stop, Question, and Frisk Data: Spreadsheets on data sets regarding street stops conducted by the NYPD.
  • Transit-Bus Crime Reports: A statistical breakdown of complaints for offenses reported in the transit system and public buses.