Pam Elardo and Ron Gonen

Brilliant Minds of Trash and Sewage (WNYC’s Here’s The Thing Podcast)


    DEP’s Deputy Commissioner Pam Elardo joins Ron Gonen and Alex Baldwin to discuss the impact of every-day choices on the environment, sewage disposal and wastewater treatment.

    Listen or download the program episode.


NYW FY2018 Consulting Engineer Report Cover

    On March 1, 2018, AECOM released the Fiscal Year 2018 Consulting Engineer’s Report, which opined that New York City’s Water and Sewer system is in adequate condition and managed by DEP in a professional and prudent manner.

    Read the NYW Fiscal Year 2018 Consulting Engineer Report.

DEP Publishes 2017 Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report Cover

    In 2017, the City secured a 10-year Filtration Avoidance Determination (FAD) which allows DEP to deliver 90% of the City’s drinking water without filtration.

    Learn more by reviewing the 2017 Drinking Water Quality and Supply Report.

NYW Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Cover- FY ended June 30, 2017

    NYW has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellent in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for 22 consecutive years, since 1995. The Fiscal Year 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was released on October 23, 2017.

    Review the NYW Fiscal Year 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Investing in NYW Bonds

NYW bonds pay for projects in the capital program of the City’s Water and Sewer System. This capital investment maintains the quality of New York City’s drinking water, which each day delivers more than 1 billion gallons of fresh, clean water from the City’s watersheds, some more than 125 miles from the City, to the taps of over nine million people. Bond proceeds provide the funding necessary to maintain the watersheds and treat the supply to ensure its high quality and its compliance with federal and state water quality standards. Proceeds are also used to maintain and improve the transmission, distribution capacity, and condition of the City’s water supply system. Investments in the system also ensure compliance with federal and state standards for treatment, fund upgrades to the City’s wastewater treatment facilities, and reduce pollution caused by combined sewer overflows, all which improve the quality of New York City’s surrounding waters.

Additionally, capital investments are made to maintain and improve the condition of the sewer system, prevent flooding by replacing failing sewers, and extend service to underserved areas of the City.

Impact of NYW Bonds