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Welcome to the Help Center at OATH

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) is New York City's administrative law court. OATH is independent from the agencies that issue the summons and as the nation's largest administrative tribunal; it takes its independence seriously. OATH has a Trials Division, which handles complex administrative law matters and a Hearings Division, which handles hearings on summonses.

OATH cares deeply about Procedural Justice. OATH created the Help Center to make the procedures and process transparent and accessible. The Ombudsperson/Pro Se clerk runs the Help Center. A team of Procedural Justice Coordinators staffs the Help Center in each borough.

The Help Center’s mission is to assist people who do not have a lawyer or a representative so they can appear and represent themselves at an OATH hearing.

Our goal is simple: we will provide people (without representation) with legal information and resources so that they can handle their own cases.

The Help Center will help people (without representation) to:

  • understand the summons issued;
  • simplify legal terminology;
  • get an overview of the procedural process;
  • fill out necessary forms;
  • get information about remote and live hearings;
  • understand what happens in a hearing;
  • request a reschedule date or an adjournment;
  • file an appeal;
  • vacate a default judgment;
  • navigate the rules of the City agency or agencies that issued the summons or violation; and more.

While the Help Center can and will provide legal information and other resources, the Help Center cannot and will not provide legal advice. To put it more simply, the Help Center will provide information on what you are able to do, but will not provide advice about how to handle your case.

You do not need an appointment to speak with one of our Procedural Justice Coordinators. You can come in to speak to us before or on the day of the hearing. You are welcome to go to the help center of your choice, but on the date of the hearing, please come to the hearing office location listed on your summons. We will provide information on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also contact us via email.

The Help Center is also responsible for administering the community service programs offered by OATH.  Community service at OATH does not involve physical activity, cleaning or work outdoors.  Only certain types of cases are eligible to be resolved by completing community service.  There is a Help Center located at each of OATH's Hearings Divisions The Help Center is located in all five boroughs within the OATH hearing division and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (except on holidays):

66 John Street
10th and 11th Floors
New York, NY 10038

9 Bond Street
6th and 7th Floors
Brooklyn, NY 11201

3030 Third Avenue
Bronx, NY 10455

31-00 47 Avenue
3rd and 4th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

Staten Island
350 St. Marks Place
Main Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301

Also note: If you have simple paperwork, filing or payment questions, you may contact the Clerk's Office by phone at 844-OATH-NYC (844-628-4692) or by email. The Clerk's Office can assist in handling reschedule requests and other simple matters.