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Community Service

The Criminal Justice Reform Act (CJRA) went into effect on June 13, 2017. For certain types of violations covered by the CJRA, OATH Hearing Officers will offer you the option to perform community service instead of paying a monetary penalty. Performance of community service may include attendance at a program, either in person or web-based, authorized by OATH that is designed to benefit, improve, or educate either the community or the respondent.

You can read an informational brochure about the types of cases that are eligible for community service and find out how many hours of community service will be imposed for those violations. Community service is not an option if the alleged conduct was carried out for a commercial purpose, except if the charge is for unauthorized vending, and OATH can *only* give you community service if:

  • You admit to the charge in person at an OATH hearing location on or before the scheduled hearing date; or

  • You are found in violation of the charge listed on the summons after you have participated in an in-person OATH hearing.

Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about community service or contact OATH Help Center online for more information on community service and eligibility.

If you received a decision that gives you the option to complete community service instead of paying a fine and you want more information on how to complete your community service you should contact OATH's Help Center, which is responsible for administering the community service programs at OATH.

Nearly all community service hours can be completed by doing an e-learning session on computers at the OATH Hearings Division office. Community service does *not* involve manual labor outdoors. You can contact the Help Center if you have questions about Community Service by using the following contact information:

(212) 436-0845

(718) 503-5565

(718) 923-6216

(718) 393-6044

Staten Island:
(718) 876-2314

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