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Registered Representatives

On August 7, 2016, a New York City Rule governing representatives at OATH went into effect.* View the informational flyer for registered representatives appearing in 2018.

  • Representatives who represent more than 1 respondent per calendar year must register annually with the OATH Hearings Division.
  • Representatives must register in person and present current, valid, photo identification.
  • Representatives can get the Representative Registration Form here or in personfrom an OATH Clerk at any OATH Hearing Center location.
  • Registered Representatives will also have to submit an authorization form from each respondent that he/she represents.
  • Authorization Forms are available in several languages. Representatives and respondents should use the Authorization form that is in the respondent's preferred language.

Authorization for Registered Representative to Appear (Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian)

*Registration is not required if you are an attorney or are only representing family members.

Registered Representatives should familiarize themselves with the Rules of Practice for the OATH Hearings Divisions.

Pursuant to §6-23 (f) of the OATH Hearings Division rules, below is the list of representatives who have been suspended or permanently barred from appearing before the OATH Hearings Division:


Representative NameDisciplinary Action TakenEffective Dates
Alamin, Hassan Permanent Bar 2/19/16
Akbar, Rashid Suspension 2/23/18 to 6/18/18
Aquino, Felix Leyba Suspension 12/30/13 to 1/29/14
DeJesus, Alex Permanent Bar 5/8/15
Dimitriadis, Paraskevi Suspension 10/26/15 to 1/24/16
Elkhadragy, Osman Suspension 8/15/16 to 11/12/16
Feldman, Peter Suspension 9/25/17 to 9/29/17
Hung, Shycior Permanent Bar 4/21/15
Kaur, Rajinder Suspension 12/26/17 to 1/24/18
Kountis, Anastasios Permanent Bar 11/8/13
Kountis, George Permanent Bar 11/8/13
Montero, Flor Permanent Bar 8/26/15
Petinatos, Demitri Suspension 2/26/18 to 3/9/18
Rai, Naresh Permanent Bar 12/4/17
Rapid Consulting, LLC Permanent Bar 11/8/13
Rehman, Amtul Suspension 11/21/16 to 11/29/16
Richard, Norman Permanent Bar 8/4/2010
Rodriguez, Nelson J. Suspension 10/24/16 to 11/22/16
Siegel, Norman Permanent Bar 3/12/18
Singh, Gurmeet Permanent Bar 12/14/17
Teitler, Norman Permanent Bar 12/12/12
Tischler, Harold Permanent Bar 10/29/13
Tischler, Mitchell Permanent Bar 10/29/13