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Request Hearing Recording

If you were a party in a case, you may request the audio recording of the hearing by submitting the OATH form to the Clerk's Office at the address on the top of the form. 

Request for Audio Recordings (Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Russian) (Urdu)

You may make this request at any time unless you wish to appeal the hearing decision, and then you must make the request within 30 days of your hearing if you received the decision on the hearing date or 35 days from the hearing if the decision was mailed to you in order to get an extension of time to appeal.

There were will be some costs associated with the request depending on whether you pick up the CD or it is mailed or the recording is emailed to you. Please read the form carefully as it may affect your time to appeal.