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Reschedule Upcoming Hearings

You can ask to reschedule your hearing once. There are several ways you can reschedule your first hearing date. To reschedule your hearing date, you will need to submit a request to the OATH Hearings Division. You have up until the date of the hearing for OATH to receive your request for a reschedule. If the Hearings Division grants your request, you will be notified of the new hearing date by mail. You may only make one reschedule request for each summons. For this reason, when you are making the request, you should tell the Clerk’s Office what dates you will not be available so that the rescheduled hearing is not on the listed date(s). You can tell the Clerk over the phone or use the space provide on the online request form to list all unavailable dates. If there is a mistake as to the hearing date, you must notify us immediately. The sooner you notify OATH of the mistake the more likely it will be that OATH can accommodate your reschedule hearing date request.

If you have already been granted your one reschedule and you do not respond to your summons by the rescheduled hearing date, then you will be found in violation by default. If it is the first time you did not appear for a hearing scheduled for that summons, and the first time you received a default decision for that summons, OATH rules allow you to request a new hearing date for that summons and if the request is received within 60 days of the missed hearing date, the request for a new hearing date will be granted. Please note that OATH will only grant a request for a new hearing once when the request is made within 60 days of the summons falling into default. You can find information and the required forms to make a request for a new hearing date after missing your scheduled hearing on this website.

If a reschedule is granted and you still believe you need more time to prepare for your case, an additional request must be made in person before an OATH Hearing Officer at the time of the rescheduled hearing. This is called an adjournment request. Either you or an authorized representative can appear to make the request. Only a Hearing Officer can grant an adjournment. The Hearing Officer will use certain criteria when issuing the decision on whether to grant your request to adjourn the hearing to a new date. You can read the Hearings Division rules on adjournments to learn more. Please note that if it is a NYC-recognized religious holiday and you send a representative to request an adjournment because you cannot attend yourself, the Hearing Officer will consider this a compelling cause to grant an adjournment. If the Hearing Officer does not grant your request for an adjournment, then you will be required to proceed with your case in front of that Hearing Officer.

How to Reschedule Your Hearing

Online - The easiest way is to submit this electronic request form

By phone - Please call 844-OATH-NYC (844-628-4692) to speak to a clerk in the OATH Hearings Division.

By mail - To request to reschedule the case by mail, print the below Reschedule Request Form and send it to the address listed on the top of the form. The form must be received by OATH prior to the scheduled hearing.
Reschedule Request Form (Spanish) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Chinese) (French-Creole) (Korean) (Polskie) (Russian) (Urdu)

Enforcement Agency's Request For A New Hearing Date 

In person - You can request to reschedule by coming to any OATH hearing location listed on your summons. 

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