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Group Resources

Conflict can be experienced on many levels: between people, among groups, or within an entire organization.  Oftentimes when conflict is on a group or organizational level, it becomes difficult to complete tasks and may result in low morale and efficiency.  When this occurs, engaging in a group process may be helpful.

In a group process, facilitators are used to guide and support a creative design that is responsive to the nature of the situation.  They are not there to make decisions for the group; rather they create a space where multiple participants have the opportunity to work together. 

A Group Process helps to:

  • Organize and define group goals
  • Manage and respond to a specific on-going conflict
  • Improve communication and begin a dialogue
  • Learn new conflict resolution skills
  • Boost efficiency and morale
  • Make way for repairing interpersonal relationships
  • Understand a conflict in depth

The Center offers two Group Process options:  Group Facilitation and Restorative Practices