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One-Click Appeals Form

The easiest way to appeal a decision, respond to an appeal filed by the opposing party, or request more time to file an appeal or respond to an appeal is by using OATH's universal electronic Appeal Application one-click form because it will send the appeal (or response or extension request) at the same time to both the Hearings Division Appeals Unit and the agency that issued you the summons. If you do not file your appeal, response, or extension online, there will be extra steps you need to take to file by mail.

You must submit your online appeal within 30 days of the date of the decision handed to you, or 35 days of the mailing date if the decision was mailed to you. The electronic Appeal Application form is available below.

When you have completed the application, click the Submit button at the end of the form to finalize the one-click form.

* Indicates required fields

I agree to receive the decision on my appeal or extension request at the email address provided below, rather than by regular mail*
(If you do not agree, please note that there will likely be significant delay in you receiving a decision by regular mail because of the current COVID-19 crisis)

Respondent name exactly as it appears on summons

(If the respondent is an entity, business or corporation, please enter the full name exactly as it is written on the top of the summons using both boxes below. For example, First Name: ABC; Last Name: Corp.)

Name of person completing this form

Does Your Name Appear on the Summons?*

Mailing Address to Receive Determination

If no valid mailing address is provided, this e-form will be invalid and will not be considered by the Hearings Division.

You can also upload any supporting documentation which you may have (pictures, letters etc.)

Upload .jpeg, .pdf, .doc, files - Total file size cannot exceed 3Mb.

Upload .jpg, .pdf, or .doc file
Upload .jpg, .pdf, or .doc file
Upload .jpg, .pdf, or .doc file

If you have more than 3 documents to upload or the total size of the documents is more than 3 MB, then this One-Click request form may not be the right option for you. You may choose to make your request using the mail-in-form found on the forms section of this website.

If you are a Registered Representative, you must also attach the Registered Representative Authorization form. The Authorization form can be found on the forms section of this website.

Enforcement Agencies must attach proof of service on respondent.



By clicking the submit button below, I understand that I am signing and filing this application with the OATH Hearings Division and the enforcement agency. This has the same effect as signing by hand.

Please check "I'm not a robot" below to verify you are a person.

Attention users: you should only press the submit button one time. Once you click submit, you should receive a confirmation page. Print or save the confirmation page for your records.