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Suspension of master rigger's license recommended.

On May 31, 2015, an HVAC machine, which was being lifted into an opening on the 30th floor of a building at 261 Madison Avenue in mid-town Manhattan, fell to the street when its rear sling failed.

Dep't of Buildings v. Allecia, OATH Index No. 545/17 (Mar. 28, 2019).

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Special officer found to have committed misconduct.

A special officer was charged with multiple acts of misconduct.

Dep't of Health & Mental Hygiene v. Elder, OATH Index No. 628/19 (Mar. 13, 2019), adopted, Comm'r Dec. (Mar. 28, 2019).

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Vehicle Retention

Police Department ordered to return seized car.

The Police Department ("Department") seized respondent's car in connection with the arrest of two other persons.

Police Dep't v. Jones, OATH Index No. 1854/19, mem. dec. (Mar. 26, 2019).

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