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Tow truck company’s license revoked for illegal tow, overcharges.

In a default proceeding, ALJ John W. Burns issued civil penalties of $16,850 against respondent tow truck company and $3,500 against respondent tow truck operator, who was the company's manager.

Dep’t of Consumer Affairs v. Riverdale Towing Associates, Inc., OATH Index No. 1848/17, mem. dec. (Aug. 3, 2017).

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Human Rights

Dismissal of complaint recommended.

ALJ Susan J. Pogoda recommended dismissal of a complaint that respondent refused to provide a cooperative apartment rental application to complainant based on her race, color and national origin.

Comm’n on Human Rights ex rel. Lissade v. Baron, OATH Index No. 188/16 (Aug. 25, 2017).

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Real Property

Padlock of premises recommended.

The Department of Buildings sought to close the premises on the ground that it was being used for commercial and manufacturing purposes in violation of the Zoning Resolution.

Dep’t of Buildings v. 1275 Edward L. Grant Highway, Bronx, New York, OATH Index No. 1075/17 (Aug. 1, 2017).

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ALJ recommends termination of BTO.

ALJ Addison recommended that respondent, a bridge and tunnel officer, be terminated from his employment after being found guilty of attempting to engage in forcible sexual intercourse with his former girlfriend, and causing her physical injury while doing so.

Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Auth. v. Jones, OATH Index No. 1229/17 (Aug. 29, 2017), adopted, Pres. Dec. (Sept. 15, 2017).

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