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Trial Calendar

The selection of trial and conference date(s) is encouraged by all parties jointly, but the party filing may do so ex parte. In the event of ex-parte scheduling, OATH requires service of notice on all other parties within one (1) business day.

Cases filed at OATH's Trials Division are docketed via OATH's Trials Division Intake Sheet and e-mailed with accompanying documents to the Calendar Unit using the below form. The Calendar Unit will confirm the selected date(s) by return e-mail or calendar appointment. Notice should not be served on any party until a confirmation from the Calendar Unit has been received.

You can also use the form for requests for case related matters including court room audio/video assistance, courtroom Wi-Fi, language interpretation services and copies of trial transcriptions.

Calendar matters such as requests for adjournments, expedited calendar requests and motions including pre-trial motions are decided at the discretion of the assigned Administrative Law Judge with notification to all parties and OATH's Calendar Unit at

For more information on scheduling and pre-trial matters, discovery and pre-trial motions please refer to OATH's rules.

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