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The mission of OATH's Trials Division is to provide fair and neutral administrative proceedings, which protect the due process rights of all litigants. Matters adjudicated at the Trials Division are akin to civil trials without a jury. The procedural rules are streamlined but pre-trial discovery is available. While Administrative trials do not mandate strict applications of the rules of evidence or the rules of civil procedure, OATH relies upon both to ensure the essential elements of a fair trial are afforded to all litigants.  

As a separate and independent Administrative Law tribunal, OATH's Administrative Law Judges are appointed to five-year terms by OATH's Commissioner and Chief Administrative Law Judge. The five-year appointment of the OATH's Judges ensures absolute independence and impartiality in the judicial decision-making process and provides parties with a fair and impartial forum where complex administrative matters are adjudicated.

Read the Chief Judge’s Order related to adjudications at OATH’s Trials Division during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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