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Letters of Support/Linkage Agreements

Requesting a Letter of Support/Linkage Agreement

We receive numerous requests from partners for Linkage Agreements and Letters of Support to assist in applications for grant/funding opportunities. In an effort to streamline these requests and ensure that we have adequate advance notice to meet deadlines, we have developed protocols for submitting and responding to all requests.

Please note:

  • All requests for a Letter of Support or Linkage Agreement from our office must be received **at least two weeks in advance** of the requested return date.
  • All requests will be reviewed for its relationship wtih domestic and gender-based violence and whether it is in line with the mission of our office. A Letter of Support or Linkage Agreement is not guaranteed. If we are unable to provide support, your agency will recieve email notification from our General Counsel about the denial of the request, and a reason for the denial, as appropriate.

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