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Excerpt of the text of the Letter of Support

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    We are heartbroken and deeply angered by the horrific acts of violence, and the overall spike of violence, against Asian-Americans in New York City and across the nation.
All in favor of a COVID-19 vaccine, raise your arm.
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    Vaccines will be important tools in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    Learn more about the vaccines and who is eligible to receive it now.

New: COVID-10 Impact Survey for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

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    Survivors of gender-based violence in NYC: Take our anonymous survey gauging the impacts of COVID-19 on survivors. Take the survey
New York State Address Confidentiality Program

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    Disclosure of a victim’s actual address can increase their risk of harm. ACP is a cost-free State program that provides a substitute address to receive first-class, registered and certified mail. ACP is one tool a victim can use in their overall plan to stay safe. Learn more
Using Restorative Approaches To Address Intimate Partner Violence

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    Explore this latest outline of pathways for developing restorative and community-based approaches to intimate partner violence in NYC outside of the legal system.

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) in NYC, Family Justice Center buildings (FJC) are temporarily closed. We are available by phone with guidance on immediate safety planning, shelter assistance, and community resources. Learn more and reach out

In-person meet and greets, tours, trainings, and workshops are temporarily suspended under further notice.

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