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Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives

Arts-Based Initiatives & Partnerships

We celebrate the powerful role the arts can play in addressing domestic and gender-based violence. We believe in the power of art therapy to heal, of arts-related prevention programming, and for the arts to be a catalyst for raising awareness and supporting communities in responding to violence. In our mission to support the advocacy community and collaborate with the arts community over the years, we have engaged in myriad partnerships with the arts community. Learn more

Coordinated Approach to Preventing Stalking (CAPS)

The Coordinated Approach to Preventing Stalking (CAPS) program is an initiative of the Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (ENDGBV), in collaboration with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and local District Attorney's offices, to increase the identification and reporting of intimate partner stalking cases, enhance both stalking arrests and prosecutions and link victims to critical services. The CAPS model is a homicide prevention program aimed at identifying intimate partner stalking cases and providing appropriate criminal justice and social services interventions before stalking behavior escalates to physical injury, serious physical injury or fatality. As part of the CAPS program, specialized training is conducted for NYPD police officers, members of the District Attorney's office, and community partners to identify stalking behavior, better understand the New York State stalking statutes, recognize the use of technology in a stalking context, engage in risk assessment and safety planning, and work with victims to document and preserve evidence of stalking incidents.
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Interrupting Violence at Home

Working with people who cause harm is a critical component in our efforts to interrupt violence between intimate partners, to support survivors, and to foster healthy relationships and communities. Recognizing the need to develop effective programming for this population, the City launched the Interrupting Violence at Home initiative to develop evidence- and trauma-informed intervention models that address abusive behavior, and to reduce future abuse in intimate partner relationships. The non-mandated, community-based programming for people causing harm in their relationships created through the Interrupting Violence at Home initiative is part of the City's commitment to the creation of innovative tools and strategies to end violence. 

ENDGBV COVID Response Work Group

In early May 2020, New York City launched the ENDGBV COVID-19 Response Work Group to prevent acts of domestic gender-based violence and best support survivors during the pandemic. The work group includes a diverse group of twenty providers representing multi-disciplinary services for survivors across the City including shelter, legal services, and counseling and mental health services. Providers from both small and large community-based organizations have representation in the work group, with an emphasis on those serving various communities citywide.
Summary Report: Supporting Survivors of Domestic and Gender-Based Violence from Crisis through Recovery (Published July 2020)
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Voices Committee

ENDGBV’s Voices Committee is a survivor-led group that aims to serve as a voice of hope and change for survivors of intimate partner violence throughout New York City,
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