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NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy

The NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy (Academy) was established in 2005 to provide educational and skills-building training for adolescents, parents, and organizations that provide services to young people. To further its work in educating all New York City youth in healthy relationship development, in 2016 the Academy debuted the Creating Awareness about Relationship Equality (CARE) program to reach youth in the City's foster care system.

The Academy and CARE program provide interactive workshops on dating violence and healthy relationships that provide young people and parents with a meaningful opportunity to learn from trained peer educators. Training is also available for staff that works directly with young people. On average, the Academy provides 60 workshops every month for approximately 800 youth participants in settings such as after-school programs, faith communities, juvenile detention centers, GED programs, schools, community programs, runaway homeless youth programs, and foster care programs.

Schedule a workshop for teens, parents, or persons working directly with youth.

In order for us to accommodate your workshop, please submit your request at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the date you are requesting. Note that the dates/times indicated on the form reflect the current availability of the Academy. If you do not see the date/time you would like for your workshop, please call the Academy at 212-788-2516.