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Policy & Training Institute

Policy & Training Institute

Our Policy and Training Institute (“the Institute”) leads our Office’s training, prevention and policy work. The Institute, which comprises our policy team, the Training Team, and the NYC Healthy Relationship Training Academy, was created to enhance City agency and community-based organization (CBO) responses to domestic and gender based violence, identify key areas for policy change and development, and engage in primary prevention through work with young people throughout New York City.

The Training Team

The Training Team is comprised of skilled trainers with expertise in numerous topics that relate to intimate partner violence (IPV) and gender-based violence (GBV), including family violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse and stalking.

Our trainers work with City agencies and CBOs to identify IPV training needs for staff, create work plans for ongoing staff trainings, and assist agencies in the review and development of their existing policies and protocols around IPV and GBV. Our Training Team also develops advanced trainings and curricula around the intersections of GBV, and customizes trainings for service providers and their specific roles at City agencies and CBOs.

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Healthy Relationship Training Academy

The Healthy Relationship Training Academy (“the Academy”) is a prevention/education program that centers young people in their mission to end domestic and gender based violence. Community Educators provide free interactive, intersectional, and discussion-based workshops to young people ages 11-24. Workshop topics include teen dating violence, healthy relationships, and consent. The Academy also delivers skills-based workshops and trainings to parents and professionals working with young people on how to discuss relationships, spot warning signs of intimate partner violence, and be a resource and ally to young people.

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The Academy also works with specialized audiences and youth groups, such as:

  • the Creating Awareness about Relationship Equality (CARE) program, to reach youth in the City's foster care system, foster parents, and foster care agency staff. part of the City's ThriveNYC mental health initiative, CARE is an initiative we conduct in collaboration with the Administration of Children's Services (ACS); and
  • the Youth Leadership Council, a group of diverse NYC youth that promote civic engagement and leadership development, while building awareness about teen dating violence and healthy relationships.