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Department of Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology Serology Procedures Manuals

This manual contains individual procedures pertaining to the serological testing of biological specimens.

Procedures on this page are effective as of June 20, 2016 and later.  The dates effective are shown as MM/DD/YY – MM/DD/YY in the file name. 

Note: The most current manual in each section is the first link listed. 

Click or press the enter key on any topic below to access the relevant PDF file of the associated procedure.

General Serology Guidelines

These procedures were combined into the General Guidelines for Forensic Biology and DNA Casework procedure. See General Guidelines for Forensic Biology and DNA Casework in the Forensic Biology Protocols for Forensic STR Analysis Manual.
  • General Serology Guidelines effective 04/18/17 – 09/08/20
  • General Serology Guidelines effective 06/20/16 – 04/17/17
  • Bloodstain Preparation from Whole Blood

    Acid Phosphatase (AP) Presumptive Test for Semen

    Kastle-Meyer (KM) Presumptive Testing for Blood

    Slide Preparation for Spermatozoa Searches

    Cell Separation and Christmas Tree Staining for Sperm Cells

    Seratec PSA Semiquant and a-Amylase Tests

    Processing of Postmortem Specimens

    Serology References