Fiscal Year Reporting

Managing agencies of applicable capital projects are required by law to report on project characteristics, design outcomes, and project performance, and compliance with applicable requirements within the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination on an annual basis.

Key dates:

June:  Request is sent out for reporting on the closing fiscal year
August:  Agencies submit information for in-development and completed projects
October:  Project records are finalized for the fiscal year
December:  Summary compliance report submitted to New York City Council

To be compliant with required reporting, project managers must submit a completed intake and reporting form by the established deadlines. Contact the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination for more information or technical assistance.

Reporting Schedule

Annual Compliance Reporting

On an annual basis the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination works with capital building agencies citywide to record compliance of the capital project portfolio to the local laws.

Charter Section 224.1 Compliance Report (FY20)

Alternative Standards Reports

By law the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination may receive, consider, and establish proposed alternative standards to those established in the laws, and must report on their applicability and utility. The reports describe alternative design and energy use intensity targets as they are established and the types of buildings or work for which they apply, and the reasons for which granted projects found applicable standards impracticable or unduly burdensome for buildings classified in their respective occupancy groups, as well as updates to its continuing applicability.